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William H. Moodie



§         8/1975 – 5/1979  University of Colorado – Boulder  Bachelor of Arts in Geology Graduated Phi Beta Kappa

§         9/1985 – 5/1988  University of Southern California – Los Angeles Master of Science Petroleum Engineering

§         Numerous short courses on waterflooding (William Cobb), fracturing (Pinnacle Dowell et al) and other subjects.


Professional experience


§         6/1979 – 4/1983  Dowell Div of Dow Chemical – District Engineer Grand Junction Colo.  Regional Engineer Western Region.  Responsible for technical recommendations and operations in fracturing, acidizing and cementing. 

§         4/1983 – 4/1984 Norris Oil Co. Prod and Drilling Engineer Western Colorado and Ventura Ca.  Drilling and production operations in both tight gas sand reservoirs in the Piceance Basin and unconsolidated sand reservoirs in Ventura Basin.

§         4/1984 – 2/1990   McFarland Energy Co.  Production Engineer, Drilling Engineer and Field Superintendent Los Angeles Basin.  Ran all field operations for McFarland as well as provided production and drilling engineering for the company there as well.  Operations included urban drillsites as well as high visibility leases in Seal Beach and Long Beach fields.

§         2/1990 – 2/1992   Santa Fe Energy Co  Senior Production Engineer Los Angeles and Ventura Basins.  Provided drilling and production engineering for the company in the Los Angeles and Ventura Basins.  Worked on waterfloods in Los Angeles in the Rosecrans field as well as light oil primary production in Sespe and Del Valle fields.

§         2/1992 – 7/1997  McFarland Energy Co.  Manager of Engineering and Operations, Vice President of Operations Operations in Louisiana, East Texas, Los Angeles Basin, Ventura Basin, San Joaquin Valley and Sacramento Basin   Managed and conducted drilling and production operations in all areas as well as reserve estimations with Netherland and Sewell, Degolyers and McNaughton and Babson and Shephard.  Responsible for budgeting and capital programs at a corporate level. 

§         8/1997 – 9/1997 Consulting for Drilltek

§         9/1997 – 4/2004   Stocker Resources, Plains Exploration and Production  Asset Manager for Arroyo Grande 9/1997 –  1/2000, Asset Manager Mt Poso 2/1999 –  2/2003,  Asset Manager Montebello 3/2003  to present   Have drilled and completed wells using foam in gravel packing techniques at Arroyo Grande, drilled and or recompleted over 300 wells at Mt Poso developing fracturing techniques that made that acquisition a success and provided drilling and production engineering services to the Inglewood assets in 2002, 2003 and 2004 including drilling 47 wells and completing 9 of the new producers with a newly developed fracture packing technique.   Successfully recompleted two exiting wells resulting in significant production increases using a modification of the same technique.  Published a paper on fracture packing SPE #90975 “Multistage Oil-Base Frac-Packing in the Thick Inglewood Field Vickers/Rindge Formation Lends New Life to an Old Producing Field.”

§         4/2004 – 7/2006 Vice President Western Business Unit Onshore CA for PXP.  Largest business unit in company with 65% of production (47000 boepd gross 42000 boepd net) and 80% of reserves (320 MMboe).  Employee headcount of 250 including technical staff and field operations.  Capital budgets of $200 million a year and expense budgets in excess of $180 million.   Operations in LA Basin and San Joaquin Valley including both light oil waterfloods and heavy oil steam projects in both conventional and diatomite reservoirs.  Activity levels included development of large facilities projects (Turbo Expander Plant and Waterflood injection facilities in Los Angeles) and several hundred wells per  year drilling programs.

Memberships accreditations


Member of SPE, ASME and a Registered Petroleum Engineer No. P1643